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- The dream team -
(by that I mean the only ones available at the time)

Crew :

Charly Lemega :
Writer, director and editor of the web-series and co-creator of the A.R.G.

Vincent Sawicki :
Assistant director on the web-series, designer of the website and co-creator of the A.R.G.

Théo Barletta :
Director of photography and camera operator

Quentin Brayer :
Assistant camera operator

Cyprien Bisot :
Assistant camera operator, still photography

Florent Glardon :
Sound designer, still photography

Vincent Guiot :
Music, boom operator

Estelle Lembert :
Boom operator

Sophia Conoscente :
Boom operator

Marine Ruimi :
Script supervisor

François Beaufort :
Moral support from Toronto, Beta-tester and huge helper during all the process

Cast :

Gowan Didi : Rémi.

Numia : Mélanie.

Rodrigue Pascual : Romain.

Yann Sorton : The third man.

Sophie Gorioux : Jade.